Tourist Places


The district has immense tourism potential because of the presence of pilgrimages like Ambaji & Kumbharia. Around 43.3% of the tourist inflow in Gujarat was for religious purposes and Ambaji has emerged as the second most popular tourist destination in Gujarat. Apart from Ambaji, Banaskantha has other interesting places like Kumbharia which is a religious place for Jains, Balarm-Ambaji Sanctuary, Balram Palace Resort at Balrampur, Jessore Sloth Bear Sanctuary and Kedarnath Mahadev Temple in Jessore (32 Km from Palanpur). Jessore also offer excellent trekking options through its hilly terrain and is famous for sloth bear sanctuary. 

Jessore Sloth Bear Sanctuary

Category Adventure

The Sloth – Bear Sanctuary located in the Jessore hills of Aravalli range covers an area of 180 sq. kms…

Gabbar Hill, Ambaji

Category Religious

Gabbar (or Gabbargadh), a small hillock about four km to the west of Ambaji village, is believed to have been…

Seema Darshan at Nadabet

Category Historic, Religious

This Seema Darshan has begun on the basis of Wagah Border pattern with a view to observe bravery of BSF…

Balaram Palace Resort

Category Natural / Scenic beauty, Recreational

The Lohani Nawab who reigned over the region of Palanpur or Banaskantha was believed to have utilized the Balaram Palace…

Mangalya Van

Category Adventure, Natural / Scenic beauty

Nestled atop a hillock i.e. Kailash tekri around a kilometer and half from the Ambaji Temple on the Khedbrahma Highway…

Dantiwada dam

Category Natural / Scenic beauty

The Dantiwada Dam has been constructed across the Banas River. The motive behind the construction of this dam was to…

Keerti Stambh

Category Historic

Saluting the glory of the Nawabs of Palanpur is the Kirti Stambh, a tall pillar constructed near the railway station…

Kamakshi Mandir, Ambaji

Category Religious

Kamakshi Mandir places itself in the Kamakshidevi Temple Complex, located 1 km away from Ambaji on Khedbrahma Highway. All the…

Kumbhariya Jain Temple, Ambaji

Category Historic, Religious

One and a half k.m. Away from ambaji town. It has historical jain temple of Shri neminath Bhagvan which dates…

Ambaji Temple

Category Historic, Religious

Ambaji, a famous pilgrimage place of Gujarat in India is situated on the border of States of Gujarat and Rajasthan…