Balaram Palace Resort

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  • Balaram Palace in Night
  • terrace view of Balaram
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  • balaram palace in night
  • terrace view Balaram
  • suite of Balaram Palace
  • Garden of Balaram Palace
  • Rain at Balaram Palace
  • Swiming pool Balaram Palace

The Lohani Nawab who reigned over the region of Palanpur or Banaskantha was believed to have utilized the Balaram Palace as his favourite resting place. Historical records claim that the Balaram Place was constructed between the years 1922 and 1936, by the 29th king of Palanpur. The interiors of this grand palace have been inspired by the neo-classical and baroque style of architecture. The total area occupied by this palace measures about 542 square kilometres. Lush green forests and gardens surround this magnificent palace. However, currently, this palace, which was once enjoyed by Nawabs and kings as a hunting retreat has now been transformed into a resort. It is situated at the topmost point of the area in northern Gujarat.

How to Reach :

By Air

Nearest Airport - Ahmedabad (145 kms), Udaipur (207 kms), Vadodara (254 kms)

By Train

Nearest Railway Station – Palanpur. Located 15 kms from Palanpur Railway Station.

By Road

Balaram Palace is a heritage hotel and a popular getaway resort at Palanpur (Gujarat), 150 kms from Ahmedabad. It is located 15 kms from Palanpur.