The district has immense tourism potential because of the presence of pilgrimages like Ambaji & Kumbharia. Around 43.3% of the tourist inflow in Gujarat was for religious purposes and Ambaji has emerged as the second most popular tourist destination in Gujarat. Apart from Ambaji, Banaskantha has other interesting places like Kumbharia which is a religious place for Jains, Balarm-Ambaji Sanctuary, Balram Palace Resort at Balrampur, Jessore Sloth Bear Sanctuary and Kedarnath Mahadev Temple in Jessore (32 Km from Palanpur). Jessore also offer excellent trekking options through its hilly terrain and is famous for sloth bear sanctuary. 

Tourism in Banaskantha District, Gujarat, is a combination of tourist destinations which involves innumerable pilgrimage spots, historical monuments and those exuding natural charm. Millions of tourists visit this region, mainly to witness the Ambaji Temple, Balaram Mahadev Temple, Jain temples, Kedarnath Mahadev Temple, Balaram Palace, Gabbar Hills, Jessore Sloth Bear Sanctuary and so on.

One will come across various historical spots in Banaskantha District, which are known for their unique appeal and architectural grandeur. Balaram Palace, Keerti Stambh or Victory Tower, Gabbar Hills, Mangalya Van, Mithi Vav and several others are beautiful centres of leisure tourism in Banaskantha.