Applique and Patch work

Applique is one of the oldest and finest crafts of Gujarat. By using different patches of fabric, beautiful forms of floral and animal designs are prepared for quilts, hangings, modern household products and apparels. So by piecing cloth together as in quilts, different patterns are made by applying cloth of different colors. Multicolored covering of jigsaw pieces formed of geometrical shapes creating tensile texture and visual treat, is the impression one gets while seeing an applique or patchwork. Colorful and vivid shapes and forms of fabric patched together or on another surface creat the most attractive and vibrant textile products. The art of decorating a textile product by applying fabric on fabric with the edges sewn down by stitching can be termed as applique while patchwork is the art of sewing little patches of geometric shaped fabric to form a textile pattern.

One can see this graceful form of art quilts, wall hangings, household products and apparels. Patchwork in vivid colors, using scrap and waste material is done by Bharwad women to make items such as quilts, awnings, and camel saddle cover.

Embroidery Work

Embroidery work of Gujarat turns out to be the top on the shopping list of every tourist who are visiting the state. Embroidery designs in Gujarat are as diverse as the religions followed and languages spoken in the state. The unique combination of pattern, stitches, thread, shapes and color makes one embroidery looks apart from the other.