My Ration app

Objective of App

Most of Ration card holder does not lift all commodity from FPS shop because there is lack of information for which commodity they are eligible, how much is the commodity entitlement and price of commodity. Government of Gujarat provides number of scheme for needy person regarding low price commodity. Govt. also provides some scheme on special occasions (like festival season, scarcity, flood, pandemic etc.), but all users don’t get the benefit because there is lack of information or information not reaches up to common user level.

In this mobile app Ration card holder can check his/her entitlement, quantity of entitlement and its price. How much quantity ration card holder had obtained and how much quantity is remaining to obtain. This app also provides Ration card details, entitlement and last 6 months transaction to ration card holder. User can also get information regarding the various tasks which is taken against Ration card. He / She can also apply for ration card services with the help of this app.

List of Features

Features which are included in this app are as follows:

  • User can register his account with minimum information.
  • User login after registration using 4 digit pin.
  • User can get his Ration card details (like card type, address, member count, member details etc)
  • User can get information about his Fair Price Shop (FPS) and locate Fair price Shop on google map.
  • User can get his/her entitlement (commodities provided against Ration card)
  • User can get information about last 6 month transaction on his ration card.
  • User can get bill receipt against the commodities lifted from FPS of last 6 month his ration card.
  • User can get information about various forms regarding ration card transaction.
  • User can get contact details of concern authority.
  • Feedback/Suggestion

Latest update: Bi-lingual (English & Guajarati) interface in provided in latest  update. Many new features like locate fps on google map, bill receipt, helpline, FAQ has added in new version. User can also log their complaint with this app.

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My Ration Mobile App