Primary care health services, for the time being available to the child, the young, the mother and the elderly, to the local area, on time, by the sub-center, the Primary Health Center Level is provided and Public Health Center to provide referral services And the structure is available till the District Civil Hospital.In this duty, Health services are provided by the health workers, Medical Officers and Experts Doctor.

Health Structure of Banaskantha District

Sr. No. Structure Number
1 Sub Center 422
2 Primary Health center 81
3 Public Health Center 19
4 Civil Hospital 1
5 108 Emergency vehicles 21

The main purpose of health services at rural level are Health education for various types of disease prevention measures, to protect 0 to 1 year children against vaccine-preventable diseases,B.C.G.,D.P.T.,Polio,Vaccination according to measles vaccine timetable,For the protection of pregnant mothers from Dhanur, two doses at 1 mile of kitirasi, Distribution of Aryan Folic Tablet for Anemia Detention, the major work of the helth section to take care of mother before delivery and on delivery and after delivery and take care of child.

Health Branch

  • Appointment and control staff of the establishment of Health Branch
  • Assessment and control the work of the class-2 officer under the Health Branch
  • Public health work
  • Operations, monitoring and control of national programs
  • Supervision and control of primary health centers
  • District Registrar, Work on Birth and Death
  • Regulation of fertility, child health and health programs
  • Care of pregnant mothers and newborns and children
  • Under the RCH program planning and implementation of ECC
  • Work on epidemic control
  • Malaria control operations
  • Family welfare, blindness control program
  • Vaccination program
  • Control of the health system
  • School Child Health Checkup